New Zealand

The TSUNADO System was developed in New Zealand, and the pioneering work to develop the base system was done there.

TSUNADO received considerable help from the New Zealand Government in the form of funding through the Callaghan Innovation Fund, and also advice from a special Working Group that was set up to work with TSUNADO to develop the operating procedures for it's use. This group comprised of Emergency Managers from three large Civil Defence Regions, and met with our staff over a period of 18 months.


Tsunado New Zealand Ltd has been working with the major broadcasters, Radio New Zealand, The Radio Network, and Sky Television, to implement a robust and redundant network of alerting capability to cover all of New Zealand in all eventualities. We have also worked with local broadcasters 1XX in Whakatane, and Gold FM in Waihi.


Tsunado has run five pilots around New Zealand to test and prove the viability of the system.


The first Pilot was set up in Auckland to test the capability to reach the population in the greater Auckland region. This Pilot was run in association with Radio New Zealand and Kordia, with the Tsunado activation signals sent over the National Radio Programme. The activation signals are not audible, but are able to be detected by the Tsunado Alert Radios which are able to be turned on and off remotely.


The second Pilot was held in Whakatane in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. This Pilot had the purpose to test the Tsunado System in Rural New Zealand. This Pilot was run in association with Radio 1XX, and ablely supported by the technicians at A-One. The main transmitter used was sitting atop Mt Kawerau and a secondary unit overlooking the Ohope beach area.


The second Auckland pilot was run to test a second generation Tsunado Alert Radio unit which had been modified in response to issues highlighted in the first two Pilots. This Pilot was run in conjunction with TRN with activation signals on Newstalk ZB, and Sky Television using a dedicated Radio Channel transmitted over the Optus D1 satellite.


The Waikato Regional Council requested this pilot to test the Tsunado System in their region. There are challenging topographical landscapes in the region, and this Pilot was run in conjunction with local Radio Broadcaster Gold FM. The coverage included Waihi Beach and Ngatea using repeaters. This Pilot lead to an idea by the Broadcasters Glenis & Brian Gentil to use the system to provide warning to local residents for when the Gold MIne blasting was to occur. The Waihi Gold Mining company Newmont has subsequently contracted Tsunado New Zealand Ltd to implement this system and distribute 300 units to the public in Waihi.


The last Pilot held in New Zealand was to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Tsunado Alert Radios when activated over the Sky Television Channel in remote regions of New Zealand.




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