TSUNADO Trial in Waihi

TSUNADO is currently participating in a Trial in Waihi with mining company Newmont Waihi Gold, and local radio station Gold FM, who brought the idea to TSUNADO after working with us on a Civil Defence pilot.

The current blasting programme causes vibrations which may cause some alarm. To mitigate this, TSUNADO Alert Radios are being employed to provide a gentle advanced notification prior to the blast.

This is from the Newmont Newsletter:

We have been told by some residents that the ‘startle effect’ of a blast
vibration is more of a concern than the vibration itself. For some, the sudden
and unannounced arrival of blast vibration is more of an issue. While the
vibration may be no more than a big truck passing, with a truck you can
hear it coming and you know what it is. There is no ‘startle effect’.
In an effort to reduce this effect we will soon be conducting a blast
notification trial. This trial with a selected group of residents will involve the
use of a Tsunado warning device. Originally designed for use in Civil Defence
emergencies, the Tsunado has been modified for our specific purposes. The
Tsunado is about the size of a small tea cup, and it plugs into an ordinary
power socket. It receives a signal from our underground shot firer about 30
seconds before a blast. On receiving the signal it will play music, quietly at
first, then rising in volume. The idea is that quiet music playing will advise
that a blast will follow, thus reducing the‘startle effect’. After the blast a series of
‘radio pips’ will signal that the blast has been completed.


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