Tsunado technology made possible with government funding

A new life-saving technology has been developed with the help of New Zealand government funding. Developed and manufactured in New Zealand with the assistance of Callaghan Innovation, this new product is now on its way to be commercialised for the use in offices and homes. The Tsunado was developed by New Zealand company Disaster Warning Systems Limited (DIWA).

$260,000 in government funding supports disaster management technology

During the stages of research and development, Callaghan Innovation provided a total of $260,000 in funding to DIWA. Not only did the government ogranisation provide funding, but also served as a mentor to the company by providing technical and marketing solutions and expanding their network of useful sources. The Tsunado product provides users with improved information and alerts about natural disasters. This product is a compact alert radio unit with a plug-in design. When a natural disaster occurs, such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption, the radio sounds an alarm then self-tunes into the nation's Civil Defense radio broadcast. According to Tsunado inventor Gary Benner, this idea occurred to him when he heard news of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami and simultaneously had his smoke alarm set off.

Tsunado technology now ready for purchase in New Zealand

Natural disaster emergencies can now be dealt with in a more organised manner with the assistance of this new government-funded technology. The Tsunado is now readily available to be pre-purchased on the company's website. This disaster management technology is already showing strong potential for exporting overseas. The Tsunado is also battery powered — which is useful in power outage situations — therefore allowing authorities to communicate important information to people in need. By providing funding for the development of such technology, the government continues to support innovation and protect individuals from natural disasters.





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