After the 2016 November 14th earthquake, local Civil Defence officials activated their text based "alert" service when it was determined that there was a risk of a major tsunami. It did not work well for them at all, as residents took to Facebook to vent their displeasure.

Many woke up in the morning to find texts had been sent during the night telling them to prepare to evacuate, then not to. Some only started receiving texts sometime around 8am - 6 hours late. Those in highly vulnerable locations were not that pleased, for if the tsunami had been real, then they would have been washed away in their beds.

In it's early research TSUNADO engineers determined that texting, tweeting, and even mobile apps are not effective alerting devices. Smoke alarms, sirens, and car horns are. So they designed the TSUNADO Alert Radios to include a high decibel alarm, as piercing as a smoke alarm, yet unique, to wake people at night, or get heard above noise during the day. Then provide information on what to do by both screen an the internal radio.

Here are some examples of residents Social Media postings:


And as a final act of admission that the text systems were fragile, this morning BOP Civil Defence posted to their Facebook page: 

“If you were registered to receive text alerts and did not get a text please private message us your number and we will check to see if it was an issue with our alerting system or a result of the earthquake which appears to have compromised national communication networks.”

NOTE 1: To repeat, "which appears to have compromised national communications networks".

NOTE 2: The Radio Stations didn't shut down. Which has been our case all along.


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