TSUNADO Alert Radio

Central to the TSUNADO Alert Radio is a radio receiver that can receive the Alert Activation from a local radio station, or satellite channel, and then delivery the Message through an internal speaker.

The TSUNADO Alert Radio is automatically turned on as part of the activation sequence. Once the Alert Message has been delivered by the on air announcer, the radio receiver turns the speaker off, thus conserving power for subsequent alerts and messages.

Normal radios can usually be left on awaiting news, or left on for comfort reasons, and will deplete their battery capacity within a day or so. The TSUNADO Alert Radios are designed to last for up to 10 days, delivering 40 minutes of messaging per day. When plugged in to the mains power, the unit can be used as a normal radio.

Each TSUNADO Alert Radio is either configured with a geographical region code, or a GPS module so that Alerts can be targeted geographically. They can also be targeted to a set of preset audiences in those regions. With the GPS module you can take the TSUNADO Alert Radio with you on holiday (not overseas sorry) and it will automatically respond to local alarms wherever you are.

The TSUNADO Alert Radio internal alarm is very loud, around +85dB, the same loudness as a smoke alarm, so it will wake you from sleep in another room. For low level alerts, the alarm volume can be set as a couple of quiet beeps.

If you live in a remote region, where FM Radio stations do not exist, or the signal is patchy, then the delivery of the Alerts can be made via Satellite. A small adaptor is fitted to your dish aerial cable, and this retransmits the alert signal to the TSUNADO Alert Radio.

If you have a disability such as deafnesss or blindness, then the TSUNADO Alert Radio can connect to devices that are suitable for you. Contact us for more details and how to obtain these devices.



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