Tsunado Apple App

This application designed for the Apple platform (iPhone, iPad etc) enables the device to be sent an Emergency Alert for the area that the device is currently located, or a home address, in case you wish to be informed of an emergency situation while you are away from home.

The application registers itself with the TSUNADO Internet Manager whenever the device turns on, and updates your location every 10 minutes so that should an emergency be declared in your current location, you will be informed.

For privacy reasons we do not store any location data, other than for the 10 minute interval between updates.

If you select to have your home location alerted as well as your current location, then that needs to be stored. Our Privacy Policy only allows this information to be released under Court Order.

The TSUNADO DIRECT App provides emergency information offline, so that if the Cellular network and/or Internet infrastrucure is down (it's usually the first to go) then you can use TSUNADO DIRECT App to find details of where your local Emergency Centre is, assistance in how to deal with the current emergency, and also a First Aid Manual.



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